Get Key-Value

Queries the value (and other metadata) associated with the specified Key under the specified Group .

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Type: String Input
Provides the name of the group that should be matched on. For example invoices.


Type: String Input
Provides the key to search for a key-value pair.


Type: String Output
Returns the value associated with the specified Key .


Type: String Output
Returns the status of the specified Key .


Type: DateTime Output
Returns the UTC date & time at which the Key-Value pair was last changed.


Key-Value pairs provide a fast technique for permanently creating associations between equivalent records in a source and a target app or service.

Example scenario:

  • A workflow retrieves an order placed in an e-commerce platform (order 232 )
  • The order is integrated into an accounting system. On completion, the accounting system generates it's own order number ORD00412
  • Use the Set Key-Value Node to associate Key 232 with Value ORD00412
  • If a change is made to the order in the e-commerce platform and that change needs to be integrated into the accounting system, use the Get Key-Value Node to determine the correlating order ID when the update is made to the accounting system


See for examples.

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