Evaluates the VB.Net-styled expression in Expression and sets IsEqual to its result as well as firing either the True or False output for conditional execution.

Older versions of this Node required a C#-style syntax. So as to not break backward compatibility, upgrading older generation If Nodes has no effect. If you wish to replace older If Nodes with this version, this must be done manually.



Type: Object
An input variable that will be used in an evaluation. This Node also supports Custom Properties.


Type: String
An expression in VB.Net syntax (see below for details).


Type: Boolean
Set to True if Expression evaluates to true, otherwise False.


Evaluates the expression in Expression and fires either the True or False output. The IsTrue property is also set to true or false.

The expression provided may reference the property Value and may also reference any Custom Properties added to the Node.

Expression should be a VB.Net-styled expression. Casting between different variable types will be handled automatically. If you require explicit control over casting, consider using If C# for a C#-styled expression.


See https://flowgear.me/s/XTij7ix for examples.

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