Variable Bar

Defines a Data Contract for the Workflow by specifying a set of Input and Output Properties. The Input and Output Variables defined across all Variable Bars are exposed in the Run Now. Additionally, input Variables can be set via API call while output Variables are returned to the consumer on completion of the Workflow.


There are no pre-defined properties on this Workflow.

To add Inputs and Outputs, right-click the Node Header and choose Manage Variables.


The Variable Bar provides a means for defining a data contract against the workflow composed of input and output variables. It does not execute and thus does not have Execution Flow Connectors.

Any number of Variable Bar Nodes can co-exist on the same workflow. The rendering order of the properties in the Run Now UI is governed by the position of the Variable Bar Node on the workflow design where top-most, left-most Nodes are ranked highest.

The Variables defined are available for Run Now in the Console and can also be set and read via API.

When a Setting Key has been specified for the Variable, the value is treated as internal configuration. These Variables will not be displayed by default in the Run Now UI but can be accessed and updated by clicking the Configuration button in that screen. Unlike regular Variables, Variables where a Setting Key has been specified are accessible across all Workflows within the Site as long as the Setting Key is the same (The Variable name does not need to be the same).

Note: When a value in the configuration of a workflow is changed, it will not take affect until the workflow is restarted.

Special Variables

A number of special variables can be added as inputs and outputs to the Variable Bar. See Configure Variable Bar for information on these variables.