Revision Management

Revision Management allows users to review historical revisions of a Workflow. Although all prior Workflow revisions are retained in Flowgear, it is not possible to review historical revisions of Workflows unless your plan includes Revision Management. Refer to Flowgear Pricing to see which subscriptions support this capability.

Each time a Workflow is saved, its revision number is incremented and the historical revision is stored.

Users can view prior revisions of a Workflow by clicking the Revisions button in the Workflow Design Pane. Clicking through the revisions causes them to be immediately loaded in the Workflow Design Pane.

Should it be necessary to recover an historical revision, the desired revision can be either copied to a separate Workflow (by clicking Create Copy...) or re-saved as a new (topmost) revision by clicking Save as Latest....

When Release Management is enabled, a specific Workflow Revision is deployed into each of the available Site Environments. See Release Management for further information.