Site Detail Pane

The Site Detail Pane is accessed by selecting a Site in the Sites Pane list, and then clicking Edit.


Indicates a name for the Site. For enterprise Sites, this usually contains the company name. There is no naming convention on the Site name and it does not need to be unique within a subscription or within Flowgear.


Informational field used to describe the purpose of the Site.

Time Zone

Start and end times for time-based schedulers are relative to this time zone. It may take up to five minutes for a Time Zone change to take effect.

Note that this setting does not affect the time zone in the Activity Log Pane - Activity Log time is always presented based on the users current browser time zone.

See also Day Scheduler, Week Scheduler and Month Scheduler.

Custom Domain

A unique subdomain that forms part of the URL for API invokes of Workflows within the Site. See Binding a Vanity Domain for more information.

Note that it may take a few minutes for the new DNS record to propagate.

Allowed Origins

Where API calls are made to Flowgear within client-side script in a browser, the browser will issue a Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) request. This is a security mechanism that prevents unauthorized websites from making cross-domain calls, see for further information.

If you will be invoking the Flowgear API in client-side script, the Allowed Origins textbox should contain a list of hosts that will be permitted to execute Workflows for the Site.

Each host should be placed on a separate line and asterisk (*) is supported as a wildcard character (eg. *

Site Environments

The list of Site Environments that have been configured for the Site.

Release Management

When enabled, enforces Release Management.


Indicates the Pod where the Site is located. The Pod cannot be changed once the Site is created.

Site ID

Indicates the unique identifier for the Site.

Account ID

Indicates the unique identifier for the Account and provides a link to jump to the Account.