Odin Business Execute

The Odin Business Execute node is used to execute calls on the Business side of Odin.



Type: Connection Input
The Connection for Odin Business Execute and Odin Business Complete should be the same.

Server - Host name or IP address of a server where OA Billing Application is installed
Type: String

Port - xmlrpcd port number listened by OA Billing Core server, by default it is 5224
Type: Int32

Username - Username to log in to the control panel
Type: String

Password - Password to log in to the control panel
Type: Password

UseSsl - True if service is set up with encryption
Type: Boolean


Type: String Input
Provided by the sample, e.g. BM_Container


Type: String Input
Provided by the sample, e.g. BM_Object


Type: String Input
Provided by the sample, e.g. AccountAdd_API


Type: String Input
The language of the response, e.g. nl_NL. Can be left blank.


Type: String InputOutput
The ID of a transaction that should be used. Leave blank when AutoCommitTx is True.


Type: Boolean Input
True when a single call is made. False if a transaction should be used. See Using Transactions.


Type: Xml Input
The ParameterXml Property contain request sent to the server. Examples can be found when choosing a sample.


Type: Xml Output
Response returned from the server.


Using Transactions

OA Billing uses transaction mechanism to process requests. It works the following way: if request is processed successfully, made changes are committed; otherwise, made changes are rolled back.

XMLRPC supports transaction flow. If you do not specify a transaction ID in a method a request, OA Billing creates new transaction, processes the request commits (or rolls back changes made by this request and closes the transaction. This behavior can be changed by switching off automatic commit for a particular request. The AutoCommitTx is set to False to prevent immediate commit.

OA Billing creates new transaction, processes the request, stores made changes and returns ID of created transaction. The transaction ID being included into a request prevents creation of new transaction and joins request processing to previously started transaction instead.

Transaction originator must explicitly commit/rollback the transaction received from PBA using the Odin Business Complete Node in the response to the request Execute. If that did not happen, the transaction will be left in the system, locking further requests to the object, which may lead to problems with control panel and general PBA functionality.

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