Salesforce File

Provides file upload and download for Salesforce.

Revision History Initial Release Bumped API version to default to v55.0 and added property to Connection to allow it to be overridden. Bumped API version to default to v59.0



Type: Connection Input
The Connection Property

Type: String
An optional URL for the Salesforce instance. This Property should only be necessary for Sandbox environments.

Type: String
The App Consumer Key (See Creating a Connection below).

Type: Password
The App Consumer Secret (See Creating a Connection below).

Type: String
The Salesforce user username.

Type: Password
The Salesforce user password.

Type: Password
The Salesforce account security token (See Creating a Connection below).

Type: Boolean
Left blank for this Node.

Type: String
The version of the API to use. If left blank, defaults to the current version for the Node.


Type: List Input

Upload - upload a file to Salesforce. FileName must be specified including the file extension.
DownloadAsString - download a text file from Salesforce. e.g. txt, csv, json, xml, etc.
DownloadAsBinary - download a binary file from Salesforce. e.g. xlsx, pdf, png, etc.


Type: Object InputOutput
When uploading a file, provides the content of the file to be uploaded. When downloading a file, returns the content of the file.


Type: String Input
Where Action is Upload, the file name should be the name of the file including the file extension.

Where the Action is Download, the ID of the file must be specified. This will retrieve the first version of the file. A custom path could also be supplied if a specific file version is required: /services/data/v45.0/connect/files/0694K000000XoDYQA0/content?versionNumber=1


Type: Xml Input
Returns additional response information when a file is uploaded.


Use this Node in conjunction with the primary Salesforce Node to manage upload and download of file assets.

Creating a Connection

Refer to the Salesforce Node remarks for details on how to configure a connection.

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