Nodes you should know

Here are the Nodes that do the heavy lifting in Flowgear

This page lists the most frequently used Nodes according to category. If you've just started with Flowgear, it's a good idea to take a quick read through it. Nodes in bold are especially frequently used.

There are a large number of other Nodes (including Connectors) that are not linked here. The full list of Node is presented in the Node Choose Popup in the Console as well as in the Nodes category of the Help Center.

Workflow Processing

Choose - Enables branching of execution flow based on an expression.

Error - Throw custom exceptions (errors) within the Workflow.

For Each - Iterate over individual records in a document.

If - Control process flow by evaluating an expression.

Loop - Create a set number of iterations of a task. Also see Loop Exit.

Validate - Evaluates a set of properties against a set of validations.

Variable Bar - Create a Data Contract for your workflow by defining a set of variable inputs and outputs.

Workflow - Executes a sub-workflow. This enables you to develop highly-reusable workflows and is comparable to calling a method in code.

Web Calls

JSON Request - Execute a Web Request that takes a JSON payload and returns a JSON response.

SOAP Request - Execute a SOAP Request by populating the Envelope Header and Body. The raw SOAP Response is returned.

Web Request - Execute a Web Request.

Transforming and Analyzing Data


JSON Convert - Convert between JSON and XML.

JSON Match - Matches keys in a JSON document.

QuickMap - Visually Data Mapper - enables transformation of source data so it's appropriate for a target endpoint.

XML Merge - Merge one XML document into another by matching rows on corresponding values.

XML Replace -| Replace multiple brace-encapsulated tags in a string template using an XML Document as a replacement dictionary.

XPath Match - Matches keys in an XML document.

XPath Replace - Match on an XPath in an XML document and replace it with a specific expression.

XSL Transform - Executes an XSL 1.0 transform.

Regular Expression

RegEx Match One - Returns the first match of a RegEx Pattern in an expression.

RegEx Matcher - Fires for all matches of a RegEx pattern in an expression.

String Manipulation

Format Value - Converts an expression to a specified type (eg. DateTime to String)

Formatter - Replaces tags out of a string expression. Used for string concatenation or string template completion.

String Builder - Provides a mechanism for appending strings to a variable that can be accessed from anywhere in the Workflow.

Substring - Returns a substring by offset or by matching start and end expressions.


Expression - Evaluates a C#-style expression, allowing you to query values of other Node Properties in code.

PDF Parser - Returns text from a PDF document.

Script - Executes arbitrary C# code, allowing you to query and set values of other Node Properties in code. Also support Custom Properties.


SQL Query - Executes a SQL query against a SQL Server instance. For other types of SQL databases, look at ODBC Query and OLEDB Query

SQL Table Update - Performs a bulk update and/or insert of data in a SQL Server database table. For other types of SQL databases, look at ODBC Table Update and OLEDB Table Update

Email & SMS

Email Alert - Sends an alert from to the designated recipients.

Microsoft Graph Email Watcher - retrieve email from an Exchange Online account. Also consider IMAP Watcher to monitor a specific mailbox folder using IMAP.

Single Email - Sends an email via SMTP using the provided SMTP server and credentials.

SMS Out - Sends an SMS.

Data Reduction

Deduplicator - Removes duplicate data in an XML document by evaluating matches on an XPath.

Reduce - Easily remove unchanged records from a document.

Windows Filesystem & FTP

File - Reads and writes files as text or binary.

Flat File - Converts a delimited or fixed-width file to XML, also converts XML to fixed-width or delimited.

File Watcher - Monitors a filesystem or FTP folder for new or modified files.

Multi Record Flat File - Parse a multi-record flat file to XML or render an hierarchical XML document to a multi-record flat file.

Key-Value Stores

Cacher - Store information in Flowgear Cache for fast acquisition of frequently accessed data.

Get Key-Value & Set Key-Value - easily store key-value pairs to correlate transactions and records across systems

Workflow Scheduling (Triggers)

Day Scheduler - Schedule a daily task at an interval between a start and end time.

Week Scheduler - Schedule a task at an interval between a start and end time for specific days of the week.

Month Scheduler - Schedule a task for a specific day of the month.

Timer - Schedule a task for a specific interval.


Excel - Generate an Excel document from XML or convert an Excel document into XML.

Process Start - Execute a Windows Process synchronously or asynchronously and optionally engage with stdin, stdout and stderr.